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Head Headquarters & Sales Office
3845 Nashua Dr
Mississauga, Ontario L5G 4J5
Tel: 905-487-7538
Fax: 855-462-0799

Our headquarters and sales office is located in Toronto ON, where we have over 10,000 square feet of warehouse for processing and distribution. At this location we are shredding and grinding post-industrial rigid plastics, this facility also acts as a distribution center.

Green Solutions Industries International LTD also has a few distribution warehouses located in OH, MI, PA, GA, and IL.

Green Solutions Industries International LTD Warehouse's & Processing Facilities - China
With two locations in China, central and southern our capabilities include, but are not limited to grinding rigid post-consumer & post-industrial plastics, shredding & pelletizing of films and nonwovens, baling, and simple sort processing. These warehouses also play a crucial role in consolidation and distribution of various commodities imported from all over the world.

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