We are redefining the recycling industry

Who We Are

Since 2006 Green Solutions Industrial International Ltd has been trading and recycling commodity and thermoplastics. We are currently recycling about one million pounds per month of plastic waste. With distribution warehouses in Ontario Canada, MI, OH, PA, GA, and IL, we have the ability to serve our customers across North America by offering a very competitive pricing structure as well as a first class service and prompt payment.

It is Green Solutions Industries International LTD policy to divert the maximum amount of waste away from landfill and to recycle as much as possible. We are also commercial waste management consultants and offer professional advice as well as a collection service for almost all dry recyclable waste streams.

The recycling industry is constantly changing. Green Solutions Industries International LTD recognizes this and continues to reinvest in customized service in order to stay ahead of the field and to meet customers’ needs. In addition to recycling scrap, we have always traded on the global market. We are now also set up to take in other materials and offer a waste management service for all dry recyclables such as PVC window frames, car bumpers, crates and other rigid plastics as well as cardboard, paper and commingled waste.