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Green Solutions FAQ’s2021-03-09T11:28:19-05:00
Do you provide hauling services at Green Solutions?2021-03-09T11:28:41-05:00

Green Solutions does provide a hauling service or you can utilize a company of your own choice. The price is based on the distance between your location and Green Solutions.

What Recyclables does Green Solutions take?2021-03-09T11:28:41-05:00

Green Solutions takes all types of paper, clean film, high density plastics, HDPE , PET, acrylic, polycarbonate, metals, and cardboards.

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Do you pay or offer any rebates for material?2021-03-09T11:28:41-05:00

Green Solutions can rebate for material which is based on the quality and type of material which is also based on the current market value. Not all types of recyclables guarantee a rebate.

Where is Green Solutions located?2021-03-09T11:28:41-05:00

Green Solutions main plant is located at 2150 Steeles Ave East in Brampton, Ontario. Our other location is in London, Ontario at 556 Clarke Rd.

Do you provide any data and/or COD?2021-03-09T11:28:41-05:00

Yes, Green Solutions will provide each company with a breakdown of the weight of the material once regrind down at the end of each month.

Does Green Solutions do anything with the recycled material?2021-03-09T11:28:41-05:00

Yes, Green Solutions is looking into more innovations and is currently making plastic lumber out of the material that has been regrind. This new service can be expanded out to the construction market, home renovations markets and wine markets.

What types of containers does Green Solutions supply or require for services?2021-03-09T11:28:41-05:00

Green Solutions can supply any Gaylord, tote bins, metal bins, roll off bins, front end load bins all at a cost that can be worked out specifically to the customer.

Do I have to sign a contract for services with Green Solutions?2021-03-09T11:28:41-05:00

Green Solutions does not require a yearly contract for services. Yearly contracts are available and based on the specifics of each company and what is negotiated for services. We do offer month to month services for customers as well.

Do you provide a site evaluation of material?2021-03-09T11:28:41-05:00

Yes , a representative can go over the types of material that your company produces that can be recycled , and what materials can be used in our processes for repurposing plastics.

What types of services does Green Solutions offer?2021-03-09T11:28:41-05:00

We recycle material into plastic lumber products. We can offer toll work, ship material that has been ground down back to the customer, and regrinding material down.

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